We Are Monitoring Human Rights Abuses in Cuba

This website has been designed in order to provide information to the international community with regard to the human rights situation in Cuba. Every case visualized in the interactive map has been reported by activists on the ground.

This website is also part of a larger project which aims to assist Cubans in exercising and demanding their rights through grassroot human rights initiatives covering all Cuban provinces. In addition to direct assistance on the ground, this project seeks to increase awareness of the international community upon the most flagrant abuses.

Cuba is a signatory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations. However, the Cuban government repeatedly infringes human rights and refuses to recognize human rights monitoring as a legitimate activity. As a consequence, local human rights groups are denied legal existence and are victims of harassment, beatings and imprisonment

The human rights abuses presented on this website are based on reliable and confirmed documentation reported by activists involved in the protection and defence of human rights in Cuba. This map and the cases displayed on it aim to increase the awareness among the international community and other international actors with regard to this issue who might have a distorted vision of reality under the Cuban regime. This website will also serve those who are in a position to condemn abuses, providing them with an accurate and well-documented basis to support their demands for liberty and human rights protection.

This map does not reflect all cases of human rights abuse in Cuba. It transmits a more personal view of some of the abuses and offers a closer insight into the stories of the victims. However, the objective of EYE on CUBA is to provide an increasingly accurate image of the reality in Cuba.