Monitoring human rights abuses in Cuba

The cases displayed allow one to see first-hand the reality of Cuban civil society, which often faces repression by the authorities.

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Who are the perpetrators?

The human rights abuses are committed by various state institutions. This graph indicates who are those responsible for the violations of human rights in Cuba.

PerpetratorNumber of events
Prison system officers345
Committees for the Defence of the Revolution476
Ministry of the Interior2,046
Political police2,240
State security agents3,782

What human rights are abused?

Cuban citizens commonly face violations of their civil and political rights. This graph shows the variety of the rights that have been violated by state authorities.

Civil and political rightNumber of events
Right to participate in free and fair elections15
Inviolability of correspondence and communications52
Right to life71
Right not to be discriminated for reasons of age-- race-- gender-- sexual orientation or religion79
Right not to be tortured96
Access to public information101
Right to political participation106
Right to leave and return to one's country169
Right to private and family life196
Freedom of religion280
Equality before the law308
Right to effective legal remedy322
Inviolability of the home399
Freedom of association404
Right of detainees and prisoners to be taken promptly before a judge or other officer authorized by law to exercise judicial functions427
Protection against incitement to discrimation and violence450
Right to seek-- receive and impart information520
Right not to be submitted to cruel-- inhuman or degrading treatment817
Personal security and integrity1,073
Freedom of opinion and expression1,132
Right to be informed of the reasons for one's detention-- at the moment of detention-- and to be noticed-- without delay-- of the accusations1,138
Freedom of assembly1,632
Personal freedom1,932
Right to freedom of movement and transit1,937
Right not to be arbitrarily detained3,876